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2018, October 24-27

Society for melanoma research, Manchester

The whole AMLo Biosciences team attended the 2018 SMR meeting in Manchester. This is the premier meeting of melanoma scientists and clinicians who meet each year to present and discuss research findings and how these have impacted on melanoma care internationally. Once again, it appears great progress has been made towards the overall aim of a cure for melanoma, but we are still a long way away. Dr McConnell presented some of her recent work on the AMBLor biomarker that she has undertaken within Newcastle University in the form of a poster presentation.


2018, June 7-8

Following on from an initial meeting at the Berlin EADO event, Dr Ellis visited the team of Dr Susana Puig at the Esther Koplowitz Centre in Barcelona. The meeting was aimed at developing further collaborative work between Dr Puig’s team and AMLo Biosciences.


2018, March 21-23

After the Bio Asia conference, the AMLo team travelled by bullet train to meet with the Kyoto University Hospital Dermatology team. Dr Ellis presented the AMBLor™ test to the Kyoto group, and a collaboration has been set up to investigate the utility of the AMBLor™ marker in the Japanese population.


2018, March 19-20

The 15th Annual Bio Asia International Conference was attended by the whole AMLo team in Tokyo. The conference involved numerous private, pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with a host of partnering organisations from around the globe.

San Diego

2018, February 16-20

The American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting was held in San Diego. As the world’s largest gathering of Dermatologists, the whole AMLo Biosciences team attended the meeting and were able to network with internationally renowned experts in melanoma and other skin cancers.


2018, February 14-15

Prior to the AAD meeting in San Diego, the AMLo Biosciences team visited the Roswell Park Cancer Centre in Buffalo, NY. Here we were able to develop a collaboration with the melanoma team at the centre who have agreed to provide us with our first international cohort of 500 retrospective melanoma samples. Analysis of this cohort should pave the way for inclusion of AMBLor™ into the clinical decision pathway for clinicians in the United States.


2018, January 18-20

The AMLo Biosciences team was represented by Dr Ellis and Dr McConnell at the 6th European School of Dermato-Oncology. This course is dedicated to fundamentals in skin cancer, targeted to specialists and residents in the final phase of their resident program.


2017, December 7-8

AMLo Biosciences was the main sponsor of the 9th World Biomarkers Congress held in Madrid. The team was represented by Prof Lovat and Dr McConnell. This conference is run as an update to international developments in molecular and cancer biomarkers.

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