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Melanoma is increasing worldwide. The majority of tumours are classified as low risk (AJCC stage I melanomas) but  approximately 10% of these patients will still die of the condition.

Currently, there is no consistent way to accurately determine an individual’s risk of disease progression, with the role of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) in patients with low-risk melanomas remaining controversial.


AMLo Biosciences has identified two proteins (AMBLor) in the epidermis overlying the primary tumour that are lost in high-risk melanoma that can be assessed using standard automated immunohistochemistry, fitting seamlessly into existing pathology procedures.

AMBLor has been validated in over 400 melanoma Stage I biopsies classified under the new 8th edition of AJCC staging, with known clinical outcomes.

Use of this test can accurately predict melanomas that are genuinely low-risk and those that are high-risk with greater sensitivity and specificity than any other prognostic melanoma test. AMBLor also gives better prognostic information than SLNB in tumours with Breslow depth <2mm.

AMLo Biosciences intends to produce a diagnostic kit to assess AMBLor in tumour tissue biopsies suitable for use in pathology labs worldwide with real potential to reduce costs to healthcare services, provide reassurance and improve patient outcomes.

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